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Sumatran Wahana Natural

Sumatran Wahana Natural


Cupping Notes: Peach, watermelon, citrus notes. Buttery, cocoa texture has some of the characteristic Sumatra body qualities. You will detect some floral, sweet dry aroma and hints of strawberry.

Size: 12 oz / 340 g
Roast Level: Medium
Region: Lintong region of North Sumatra
Variety: Rasuna
Processing method: Sun dried natural process
Altitude grown: 4,250-5,000ft (1300-1500m)

From the Lintong region, this high grade coffee is dried with the Natural Process to obtain a low-acid bean with a clean taste. Using ecologically sustainable and socially responsible farming practices such as using organic fertilizers and recycling the coffee pulp into compost, the coffee produced has a strong fruity flavour that has undertones of watermelon touched by strawberries and peppercorn with a strong floral aroma of rose and lavender.

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