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Balinese Blue Kintimani

Balinese Blue Kintimani


Cupping Notes: A very rich, clean, and smooth cup with a hint sweet lemon acidity balanced with a nice chocolaty finish. Medium to full bodied with low acidity, a nice daily cup. Hints of a slight smoky tones can be found, especially in a darker roast.

Size: 12 oz / 340 g
Roast Level: Medium-Dark
Region: Kintamani Highlands, Bali
Variety: Typica hybrids (S795 and USDA 762)
Processing method: Sun dried natural process
Altitude grown: 3,960-5,280ft (1200-1600m)

A naturally processed coffee from the island of Bali in Indonesia, it has multiple layers of complexity. Wild fruit, raspberry, apricot, peach and vanilla are just a few of the elements of this bean’s fragrance profile. With a heavy cream body, the cup sustains itself with fruity notes of strawberry, sweet brandy and chocolate. The finish lingers in complexity. This rich complex coffee is not for the shy and may need to be blended with a milder bean.

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